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Adderall is a type of prescription drug that is used for the treatment of ADHD; Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy as well. The drug is comprised of the salts of two potent stimulants, amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which typically work on the central nervous system. Adderall XR features as an extended-release form of the main drug. This means that the drug is released into the bloodstream at a slower pace and can also be taken at less frequent gaps in the day.
Adderall is classified in a category of drugs known as the central nervous system stimulants. This class of medicine works by increasing the levels of dopamine in the brain which then acts as a stimulant.

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Adderall is typically used to treat narcolepsy which is a sleep disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It helps people with ADHD have better control of their activities and maintain optimal attention span. It also improves the development of the brain and triggers nerve growth. Over the years, studies have emerged to show the effectiveness of Adderall in treating the symptoms of narcolepsy including bouts of sleepiness during the day and episodes of excessive sleepiness as well. It also serves adequately as a treatment for ADHD main symptoms over a period of consistent use as prescribed by a healthcare professional. Long-term use has been cited to improve the quality of life and maximize academic success in ADHD patients.

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When used in therapeutic doses, it triggers cognitive and emotional effects including alertness, less fatigue, aphrodisiac, and euphoria among others. However, when used in larger doses, the effects can be detrimental to one's health and effects can range from impaired cognitive control, bring about episodes of paranoia and a state of delusion. The results differ from one individual to the next, but the common side effects witnessed among a large number of people include, lack of appetite, dry mouth, and insomnia.

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Many people are adopting an off-label use for Adderall. This is because it has properties that can significantly help to boost academic performance. Since the risk of developing an addiction to Adderall is high when used in uncontrolled environments, the drug is sold if the patient is in possession of a prescription from a certified healthcare professional. However, it is still widely available which has led to abuse. A large group of the people who misuse it are mostly college students. When used in the prescribed doses, which are usually low, the patient is less likely to develop an addiction. Adderall has reinforcing effects which make one susceptible to addiction with the intake of higher doses. Addiction to Adderall has adverse effects that can lead to serious heart complications. Adderall was endorsed by the Food And Drug Administration Board in 1960. It also approved the two stimulants that are found in the drug to be used as a generic medicine. DSM Pharmaceuticals make Adderall. Other pharmaceutical companies deal with the production and distribution of the generic versions.
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